Zuka is a fashionable Brazilian charcoal grill. Visit at lunchtime for a quiet affair, or dinner for a meal full of atmosphere.

Traditional Brazilian fare

Situated on the popular Rua Dias Ferriera, Zuka brings traditional Brazilian charcoal grilling to the fashionable side of town. It’s upmarket, updated dishes range in inspiration from Thai to French, but it’s the cooking method that matters, the smoky flavour that permeates the food and the way grilling–done correctly–preserves the juicy, succulent qualities of excellent cuts of meat and choices of seafood.

Lunch with the fashionable crowd, or dine later for a spectacular meal

Zuka is highly popular with both tourists and locals–you’ll find local ladies of leisure there at lunch time, and if you’d like a quieter meal in a relaxed atmosphere, then you should definitely opt to head there for lunch. Dinner service is when the restaurant really comes alive, packed with happy diners and hot and smoky from the grill–however, for the die-hard foodie, this is all part of the experience, and if you think you can handle it, it’s worth seeing it first hand.