London, England

London Zoo

Tiger Territory, Gorilla Kingdom, Reptile House, Giants of the Galapagos and Penguin Beach – these are just some of the exciting attractions that await you at the amazing 'ZSL London Zoo'.

The oldest scientific zoo in the world

The London Zoo was founded under the aegis of Zoological Society of London in 1828 as a research facility. However, it was opened to the public in 1847 and continues to be a favored destination for visitors and families. With its fabulous range of species, from butterflies to Asiatic lions, the zoo’s over 17000 animals spread over 36 acres make it one of the largest zoos in the country.

Creating friendly spaces for animals

The ZSL London Zoo is reputed for pioneering creative utilization of space enabling animals to thrive in habitats as close to their natural ones. The Land of the Lions has been extensively re-modeled to recreate the ambiance of the Gir Forest in India, home of the Asiatic Lion. The Butterfly Paradise is designed like a giant caterpillar and permits you to walk through as the brightly-colored butterflies dance overhead. Other exhibits include Snowdon Aviary, Into Africa, Aquarium, Rainforest Life and more!

ZSL London Zoo is a unique destination where you can enjoy the sheer beauty of nature and come away with a deep appreciation for the fascinating animals on the planet.

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