Kuala Lumpur

Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara Malaysia is the national zoo of Malaysia, famed for its ‘open zoo concept’ and is home to over 5000 animals most of which live in spacious enclosures.

Animal Haven

Established in 1963 by the Malaysian Zoological Society, the zoo has grown to international fame with its rare exhibits as well as its conservation efforts.

Zoo Negara covers 110 acres of land, most of which has been transformed into various kinds of habitats to suit the animals that are housed here.

  • Giant Panda Conservation Centre: This is where you can meet, perhaps the most famous animals in Malaysia, the Giant Panda family. Xing Xing, Liang Liang and their adorable baby, Nuan Nuan have gained international fame not just for the cuteness factor but also for having successfully bred a baby in captivity.
  • Cat Walk features all the big cats – African Lions, Malayan Tigers and Leopards.
  • Australian Plain features all the iconic fauna from Down Under – kangaroos, wallabies and emus.
  • Children’s World is a colourful zone designed to captivate the curiosity of children with a petting zoo and a creative learning centre designed as a cave.

There are many more animals for you to see at Zoo Negara and is a perfect place to engage your whole family.