Zimbali’s Mountain Studio Cooking

This is a food haven for vegetarians and people who prefer their food being wholly organic. Found in the mountain called Canaan, it is an ideal date for vegetarian couples.

Zimbali’s Mountain Studio cooking  is found just twenty minutes from Negril. It is ranked as the number one vegan restaurant in Jamaica by many who taken part of their delicious and fancy meals. It is a place where an ideal date or family dinner can take place. Zimbali retreat started through the union of two love birds who were of the Rastafarian religion. They made their homelands a place where one can relax in silence and just enjoy nature.

Tours are given by Rastafarian tour guides to the hills where a variety of fruit trees are planted and where a beautiful springs runs to provide water for the area. Soon after, the Tour guide cooks a delicious meal on wood fire which gives that authentic Jamaican food taste. If you are stressed from work, the place to go is Zimbali’s Retreat where you will be pampered and become one with nature.

Food is at a reasonable price. Lunch cost $50 per person depending on what you want. The cost varies. Bring along your family for a serene day spent meditating and relaxing like you’ve never done before. Make your reservations today.