Zilker Botanical Garden

Located inside Zilker Park, the Zilker Botanical Garden features an array of themed gardens unlike anywhere else as well as gardening and planting educational programs.

Unique Themed Gardens

The Zilker Botanical Garden is a unique experience featuring several themed gardens that complement and contrast each other over 26 acres of land. Gardens dedicated to roses, herbs, succulents and semi-succulents have broad appeal to visitors as do the special seasonal and floral display beds and demonstration garden. The garden is an ideal location for flowers and plants that attract butterflies.

In 1992, dinosaur tracks were discovered in the garden and studied, then reburied for preservation. As a tribute to the find, the botanical garden has created a two-acre Prehistoric Garden featuring plant-life similar to the Cretaceous period. A large sculpture of an Ornithomimus, the dinosaur that left the tracks, takes pride of place on Dino Island in the middle of the garden’s water feature.

Events and Exhibits

Each spring, the Zilker Garden Festival fills with enthusiasts seeking new plants and ideas for home gardens and enjoying floral displays from around the state. Food vendors and a beer garden add to the festivities. Throughout the year, a changing calendar of events and exhibits provide information and activities – many suitable for children – about the garden and planting.