Young Designers United

A chic Amsterdam boutique that features the fashions of the Netherlands' best up-and-coming designers.

Dutch Fashion at its Finest

While New York and Paris may be better known for their fashion scenes, Amsterdam has many up-and-coming designers of its own. At Young Designers United (YDU), visitors will find clothing and accessories on the cutting edge of Dutch fashion. The store’s mission is to feature the Netherlands’ brightest new designers.

Fresh New Designs

The pieces at YDU are fairly expensive, but the prices are similar to other independent boutiques around the world. Visitors can check YDU’s website for information about upcoming sales, as well as a complete list of current featured designers. The store hosts designer events, so shoppers who come at the right time may even be able to meet one of these creative individuals.

YDU prides itself on its organization. Each designer has a dedicated section, so shoppers can more clearly appreciate the stylistic quirks of the separate collections. Young Designers United offers visitors the chance to take home a completely unique piece of Dutch fashion.