Oxford, England

YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi is a restaurant that specialises in authentic Japanese sushi and street food. They offer a range of dishes, from traditional to innovative combinations.

Discover Authentic Cuisine

YO! Sushi was founded in 1997, and in a short span of 20 years, they have expanded to about 100 restaurants across the globe. They never cease to innovate and take great pride in the fact that their foods are all fresh and authentic.

Variety of Japanese Dishes

YO! Sushi serves a variety of dishes – from Temaki to Gyoza, from Yakisoba to the ubiquitous Ramen as well as Miso, Teriyaki, Katsu Sando, Tempura and Chahan. Some of the classic dishes recommended by their chefs are Spicy Seafood Udon, Beef Teriyaki, YO! Roll, Hoisin Duck Bao, Osaka Style Squid, Beef Katsu, and Chicken Katsu Sando. As for drinks, there’s red wine, white wine, sparking wine, sake, tea, and soft drinks.

YO! Sushi also offers sushi making lessons for adults and children. For more information, do refer their website.


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