X-JetPack Experience with Hydro Water Sports, Dubai

Those wishing to channel their inner superhero should head to Hydro Water Sports in Dubai to experience flying above the water wearing an X-Jetpack.

Visitors to the Hydro Water Sports branch in the gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Residence (‘JBR’) area, can opt for the X-Jetpack experience. The X-Jetpack is a futuristic, 2-nozzle backpack which propels the extreme water sport-lover out of the water and high into the air.

The X-Jetpack Session

The Hydro Water Sports expert staff are at hand to strap visitors into a 5-point safety harness to ensure their utmost safety throughout the experience. The X-Jetpack works by propelling water through a 20-metre-long hose pipe, which pushes the water into the Jetpack’s nozzles and forces the visitor above the water, after which it is possible to steer in different directions, using the Jetpack’s easy-to-use hand controls. It is also possible to rely solely on body weight instead, to steer the Jetpack, whilst soaring above the beautiful, clear-watered Dubai coastline.

Hydro Water Sports also offer a number of other thrilling, extreme water sports sessions, such as fly-boarding and hover-boarding, which can be booked online.