Wrigley Field

A trip to the Windy City can’t pass by without a visit to the famous Wrigley Field to watch a ball game. The home ground to the Chicago Cubs provides great evening entertainment for families, friends and couples alike. Put on your sports gear, pick up your popcorn and prepare to chant the evening away.


Wrigley Field sits on the north side of Chicago and first opened as a ball field in 1914 and was first used by the Chicago Cubs in 1916. It’s actually the oldest park in the National League and the second oldest in the Major League after Boston’s Fenway Park which opened in 1912.


If you’ve not been to an American baseball game you’ve not lived and Wrigley Field is the perfect place to change that. The atmosphere is ecstatic, music blasts from the speakers’ every time a run is made, and the crowd sings along merrily from the bleachers to support their home team. Follow the smell of hot dogs to the food stalls before you take too your seats for an evening of shouting ‘Go Cubs Go!’ without dropping your popcorn.



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