Cape Town

World of Birds

Home to Africa’s colourful and diverse bird life, the World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary is a fascinating place for bird lovers and nature buffs.

Over 300 species

World of Birds is Africa’s largest bird park and is spread over a sprawling 4 ha. of scenic lands. The park boasts over a 100 friendly walk-through aviaries that house 3000 birds and small animals. You can expect to see brightly hued cockatoos and lorikeets alongside flightless birds like cassowaries and emus.

Birds and more

The park also has a Monkey Jungle which is home to baboons, meerkats, porcupines, marmosets, racoons, porcupines and Baker, a squirrel monkey that went up to space as part of a NASA program.

The landscaped park is set against the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain and overlooks vast swathes of scenic vista including the Twelve Apostles and Hout Bay.

The park’s over 400 exotic and indigenous species make the Park a favourite among photographers and families.

Top Tips:

  • If you have little ones, it is highly recommended that you plan your visit to coincide with the feeding times of the birds – penguins at 11:00 am, pelicans at 12:30 pm and raptors at 04:15 pm.
  • Don’t forget to stop by their charming souvenir store.