Women’s Handicraft Centre

If you’re looking for authentic hand-made souvenirs to bring back home, then the Women’s Handicraft Centre offers you a choice of authentic Emirati handicrafts.

The Centre

The Centre is a government initiative that houses a museum to showcase the handicrafts and techniques used as well as a store where most of the products are available for sale. There are also individual workshops where the Emirati artisans, all women, create unique handicrafts. You are allowed to visit all the venues, including the workshops where you can get to see how some of the handicrafts are created. However, do remember to take off your footwear before entering the personal workshops.

Rich weaves

The Emiratis, particularly the Bedouins, are known for being traditionally rich in the art of weaving, embroidery, and delicate silver thread work. They also use palm fronds to weave a variety of baskets and bags among others. The artisans create hand-woven textiles, ethnic costumes, footwear, shawls, rugs, pottery and more.

You can also get an exquisite design applied on your hands at the henna bar on the premises.