Winchester Mystery House

Windows that open into other rooms, stairways that head to the ceiling and doors that open to reveal walls are just some of the oddities that will baffle you here. Welcome to the Winchester Mystery House, an architectural enigma and a major tourist attraction.

Built round-the-clock for 38 years

The sprawling Victorian House was originally an unfinished farmhouse that the widow Sarah Winchester, heiress to the rifle maker’s fortune, bought for herself. Construction began in 1884 and a team of carpenters worked round-the-clock on the house until her death in 1922. The house grew to be a seven-storey mansion but some of it was destroyed in an earthquake. The current building has 160 rooms spread over four floors.

Peculiar construction, rich furnishings

Sarah Winchester believed that the ghosts of those who died by Winchester Rifles lived in the building.  Despite the strange construction, the heiress had the house decorated with exquisite furnishings and fixtures. You get to see rare art glass windows made-to-order by Tiffany’s, gold-plated chandeliers, bronze inlaid doors, stained glass windows and many more signs of opulence at this mysterious residence.

The Winchester Mystery House is truly worth exploring for its weirdness as well as its grandeur.

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Credits: Photos by Jim Watkins




Photos from Winchester Mystery House

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