Cape Town

Willoughby and Co.

Despite the very western name, Willoughby and Co. is a very cosmopolitan restaurant that specialises in the finest seafood and is, probably, home to the classiest sushi in town.

Enjoy an Eclectic Menu

Willoughby and Co. offers a diverse menu that tends to lean largely towards seafood – Norwegian Salmon, Fish Curry, Portuguese Style Grilled Prawns, Mozambican Langoustines, English Style Fish & Chips, West Coast Crayfish, Tuna Kebabs, Ceviche, Satay as well as several dishes that make the most of beef and chicken.

This probably explains the long queues any day of the week. The menu is also the reason why seating is arranged to accommodate as many people as possible without seeming overcrowded.

Feast on Japanese Cuisine

What sets Willoughby and Co. apart, however, is the remarkable Japanese fare on the menu. You can expect an authentic eastern-inspired feast of sashimi, tempura, Tuna Tataki, Nabeyaki Udon, Miso Ramen, Edamame, Dashi Tofu and a lot more.

They also serve a range of assorted platters that showcase their skills in rolls and sashimi.

Seriously, the queues are for real.