A miniature jungle - or rather, a concept store - determined to make Amsterdam a greener city with its selection of plants.

Welcome to the (Indoor) Jungle

Wildernis is a charming concept store with a mission: to make Amsterdam a greener place. Visitors to Wildernis will find a miniature jungle tucked into what would otherwise be an ordinary shop. Potted plants top every table–from cactuses to feathered ferns–and leafy green vines dangle from the ceiling.

Plants and More

Wildernis sells more than just plants, of course–though they maintain the botanical theme throughout the store. They offer gardening supplies, growing kits, books about plants, floral jewelry, and horticultural art prints, among other quirky items. It’s a great place to find gifts for someone with a green thumb.

While browsing, shoppers can pick up a coffee or tea. Wilderness also hosts regular workshops–in the past, these classes have covered window-box planting, painting with flowers, and terrarium-making. If nothing else, Wildernis provides plenty of extra oxygen for a tourist’s weary lungs.