Whitney Plantation

Tour Whitney Plantation to learn about the history of slavery in America.

A Once-Working Plantation Offers Opportunities for Education

Plantation touring is an activity that some visitors feel comfortable with and others don’t. It can be valuable to learn about the history of plantations and plantation owners during a tour of Whitney Plantation, and to fully discover the acts that went on there in hopes that we never experience times like those again. The old South, and Whitney Plantation, offers many chances to become educated on the lives of slaves and slavery as an institution.

Enlightening and Thought Provoking

Tourists may not have a fun time at Whitney Plantation, but that’s not the goal of this attraction. The landmark is supposed to be thought provoking and enlightening, and it’s worth the time spent touring the place. Whitney Plantation is located 45 minutes from New Orleans. It features a visitors center and many exhibits that can be viewed on one’s own. To get a complete tour of the plantation, it’s necessary to purchase a ticket for a guided tour.