London, England

Westminster Abbey

Yes, we’ve all seen the Westminster Abbey at the fairytale wedding of Kate and William. However, nothing prepares you for the architectural and historical treat that awaits you when you actually see this ancient church where kings and queens have been crowned for centuries.

From Abbey to Coronation Church

The church traces its origins to a humble St. Peter’s Abbey built in 960. King Edward then transformed it into a stately royal church in 1065. The present building and its hallowed splendour is a result of the dedication of several successive monarchs and their architects through the centuries.

A Museum of Faith

From the majestic arched ceiling to elaborately designed floors, this historic coronation church is a museum of faith and royalty. The resplendent high altar, astonishingly detailed stained glass windows, beautiful sculptures, intricate carvings and rich furnishings speak volumes of the significance of this church to the people of England.

It’s hardly surprising then that while thousands visit the church to worship, the Abbey also welcomes millions of tourists from around the world each year.

Photos from Westminster Abbey

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