Hong Kong

Western Market

Western Market is one of Hong Kong’s quaint markets set in a beautiful red-brick and granite Edwardian building. This is a good place if you want to get some souvenir shopping done away from the crowds.

Over a century old

The beautifully restored heritage building was built in 1906 and counts among the oldest market buildings in Hong Kong. The present structure was part of a larger building of which the South Block was demolished but the North Block survives as a testament to an era of grand old buildings.

Souvenirs, textiles and a restaurant

The Market houses traditional arts, crafts and curio shops on the ground floor. This is a wonderful place for souvenir hunters and those looking to bring home some local artisanship. The first floor houses textile stores who display their bolts of fabric in large clusters out on the passageways.  The second floor is a restaurant and banquet hall called Grand Stage.

Western Market is not too crowded and offers visitors a tranquil experience when compared with the chaotic market scene in Hong Kong.

Image credits – Wikipedia – WiNG