Oxford, England


Waterstones is a retail bookshop that offers a wide collection of books and hosts several exciting events all through the year.

Stores around the Globe

Waterstones was founded in 1982 by Tim Waterstone. Today there are over 275 stores around the world. Each store has an exclusively tailored range to mirror the interests and inclinations of their local market. This is especially reflected in the range of computer games and e-books.

Books and Events

Waterstones at Oxford retails a range of books – fiction, non-fiction, academic, and children’s literature.  They also sell stationery, gifts, games, puzzles, book accessories, and children’s toys. They have a knowledgeable and passionate staff who are happy to help recommend books to you or lend you a helping hand.

Waterstones also hosts events such as book signings and talks by authors. For more information, do refer to their website. Besides, there are over 25,000 books that you can purchase whenever you want on their website!