Warner Bros. Studio

Los Angele’s is home to plenty of movie studios, but Warner Brothers Studio Burbank is possibly the cities most famous as it’s home to some of the 21st centuries best TV and movie sets. From the Friends couch to New York Street there’s plenty of behind the scenes action to be had providing fun for all the family.

On Set

The site is spread out over 110 acres and is home to ten back lots and 30 sound stages. Here you’ll find the Casablanca set, the Batman exteriors, the Gilmore Girls houses and the Central Perk Café from Friends. The lot is also a live-stage, and many TV shows and movies will be shooting here during your visit, if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of your favourite actor during a take.

Guided Tours

Guided tours around the studio run daily, and visitors can choose between standard studio tours and deluxe tours. The standard tour takes you around the back lots before visiting stage 48 for a glimpse of movie post-production. This tour costs $62 per adult and $52 per child and lasts two hours. The Deluxe tour provides the ultimate film buff experience as you’re invited off the golf cart and into the film sets. This tour also includes a three-course meal, a coffee at Starbucks, and a tour of the props department. This costs $295 per person and is five hours long.

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