Ho Chi Minh City

War Remnants Museum

A multistory museum that commemorates the horrors of the Vietnam War, featuring everything from photographs to U.S. Army tanks.

A Grim History

Ho Chi Minh City’s War Remnants Museum is not for the faint of heart. The war against the United States is still very present in Vietnamese life, and this museum’s exhibits document the worst atrocities. But because remembering the dark side of history can prevent similar disasters in the future, this museum is well worth a visit.

Soldiers and Citizens

Many of the galleries in the museum display pictures that international journalists took during the war. These photographers were embedded on the front lines, witnessing the United States’ massive bombing campaign firsthand. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the museum features photographs of Agent Orange victims, innocents whose bodies were mangled by the chemical spray.

Dozens of U.S. Army tanks and planes fill the courtyard outside the building. There are also various anti-war propaganda posters from around the world. The War Remnants Museum is open daily, with a break from noon to 1:30 p.m. for lunch. Tickets cost a mere 15,000 dong per person.