Wafi Mall in Dubai

Wafi Mall is a gorgeous, Ancient Egyptian-themed landmark and shopping venue in Dubai.

Wafi Mall

The Design

Located in the centre of Dubai, Wafi Mall is a truly beautiful, themed shopping destination, modelled in the style of iconic Ancient Egyptian architecture. Shaped as an Ancient Egyptian pyramid, Wafi Mall is as gorgeous from the outside as it is in the inside.

The Wafi Mall Shopping Experience

Hosting over 350 fashion boutiques and other artistic stores, the mall offers beautiful international and Middle Eastern, Arabic items and fashion options to choose from.

The art galleries at Wafi Mall feature the work of both local and international artists and help to create a unique atmosphere around the mall. Visitors may choose to browse and purchase art from the wide collection of exquisite artwork on display around the mall, most of which take inspiration from past legacies of ancient pharaohs.

Food and Entertainment

There is a wide variety of cafés and restaurants located at the mall’s Café Court, and fun entertainment can be found at the Mini Golf venue on site.