Vung Tau Restaurant

Awarded time and time again, Vung Tau Restaurant is noted for its outstanding food and service. It’s no wonder why they have been in business since 1985.

An Instant Success

In 1985, Vung Tau Restaurant opened the doors ready to serve a capacity of 32 guests. At first, the restaurant predominately attracted local Vietnamese. It didn’t take long for the word to spread about how good of a place this was to eat. After only two years, Vung Tau Restaurant moved to its current location in order to meet the customers’ demand for their food. Now on East Santa Clara Street, Vung Tau Restaurant can seat up to 150 guests.

Lunchtime Dining

Served daily from 11 am until 3 pm, the lunch menu offers both simple and extravagant choices for the noontime diner. A mix-and-match section is one way to order your lunch. Start off with a base, usually of rice or noodles, and pair that with a topping of BBQ pork loin, tiger prawns or charbroiled chicken. In addition to several selections of noodle soups, lunch entrées like the grilled skewered pork are available.

From Appetizers to Dinner Entrées

Like its lunch menu, the dinner menu at Vung Tau Restaurant offers a variety of choices complete with homemade sauces, traditional Indian flavors, and influences of Chinese, French, and Thai cuisine. The mix is exotic and delicious. For appetizers, the menu features multiple kinds of spring rolls and unusual choices such as cupcakes made of both shrimp and flour from coconut milk. Several types of fish are on the menu. Choose to have your sea bass caramelized, fried, or steamed. If you like catfish, opt for Vung Tau’s signature soup that is served with celery, bean sprouts, tomatoes, and lemon grass. While there are vegetarian salads, other salad choices, like the Jellyfish salad, include meat. Dinner hours are from 5 pm to 9 pm daily.

Top Tip: Make a reservation to dine at Vung Tau Restaurant. You can do this online at the restaurant’s website or by calling the restaurant directly.

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