Vulkan Bookstore

Vulkan Bookstore is among a few places in Belgrade where you can find everything from books and gifts to multimedia.

Vulkan (Volcano) bookstore, located in the Sremska Street, is a place where a wide range of items can be purchased. Aside of a book department, in the Volcano’s crater you can find a gift shop and a multimedia section.

The book department features books in English and Serbian languages, covering a multitude of themed areas, among which are philosophy, gourmet specialties, historical fiction, epic fantasy and drama, to mention a few. Worldwide famous classics can also be found here. The gift shop offers nothing less diverse assortment of convenient gifts, starting with fluffy dolls and colorful tea cups, and not ending with interesting organizers and backpacks.

In the gaming and multimedia section there is practically everything you might think of. If you are a fan of ex-Yugoslavian and regional cinematography, you’ve come to the right place. Popular blockbusters are in full supply, which can also be said for the popular music, old hits, PC games, PC programs and much more.

Photos from Vulkan Bookstore