A hip hotel for travellers on a budget in Amsterdam-Oost, one of the city's trendiest neighbourhoods.

Trendy Hotel, Trendy Neighborhood

Amsterdam-Oost is quickly becoming one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city. And for those traveling on a budget, no hotel in Oost is cooler than Volkshotel. Volkshotel is based in a converted newspaper building, and as its name suggests, it truly is a place for all people, whatever their interests.

Do More Than Sleep

Volkshotel’s 172 rooms run from small to large, and all rooms come with free wifi and great views of the city. And for special occasions, there are also nine special rooms, each with a separate theme. Guests can stay in an indoor treehouse, or a sexy, red-velvet space inspired by the cinema.

At Volkshotel, the fun isn’t limited to the rooms. Grab a coffee and get some work done with the locals in the first-floor Werkplaats. Grab a drink and go dancing in the rooftop restaurant Canvas or the basement bar Doka. From yoga classes to massages, there’s always something to do at Volkshotel–check their calendar for details.

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