Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle - Scottish history waiting to be discovered!

Edinburgh Castle

No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without a visit to Edinburgh castle, it’s rich in architecture with a fascinating and colourful history. Explore inside the castle walls to gain a true sense of the events which have shaped this dominating presence in the nation’s capital.

Situated at the summit of the famous Royal Mile with its tartan and shortbread shops, hotels and traditional pubs, Edinburgh castle sits majestically above Princes Street Gardens presiding over the entire city.

The castle has witnessed many sieges and has changed hands countless times over the years. It has been home to Kings and Queens, with Mary Queen of Scots giving birth in the Royal Palace in 1566. During the wars of independence a nephew of Robert the Bruce attempted to take back the castle from the English in 1314. Major areas of interest inside the castle include: the crown room, the Scottish national war memorial, St Margaret’s chapel and viewing point, the Royal Scots museum plus a plethora of gift shops and restaurants.

Mons Meg, a medieval bombard and one of the oldest cannons in the world sits in a commanding position outside St Margaret’s Chapel. Mons Meg was a gift to James II King of Scots from the Duke of Burgundy in 1454. She fires a one o’clock gun salute every day, the sound ricocheting throughout the city, just to remind you to visit before you leave.


Photos from Edinburgh Castle

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