Le Duc des Lombards

It has been said that jazz was brought over to France after World War I with the arrival of an American military band led by James Reese Europe. However, a look at the night scene in Paris would indicate that jazz has made France its home as the city of love plays host to nearly 600 concerts each month, more than most cities in the world!

A night to remember

Le Duc des Lombards promises a night to remember with its elegant interiors, warm lighting and tasteful design based on a jazz symphony called Black, Brown and Beige by Duke Ellington. Blue light plays magic as strings and keys harmonize to render you speechless.

Cozy but classy

The place is small by most standards but then you get to sit close to the musicians especially if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the tables around the stage. Do remember to book your tickets online – they have attractive offers for certain shows.

If you’re passionate about jazz but balk at the cover fee of 18 to 25 Euros, you can always choose to visit after midnight when entrance is free and you get to hear local talent jamming.