The Grove and the Original Farmers Market

For shopping, dining, and entertainment, many people visiting Los Angeles head to The Grove and the Original Farmers Market.

High-End Shops and Places to Relax at The Grove

The Grove is a pedestrian shopping esplanade anchored by high-end department store Nordstrom and lined with shops like Apple, J.Crew, Barnes & Noble, Nike, and Anthropologie. It features a grassy area that’s often used for concerts and special events, and it has a fountain that serves as a focal point for music and water shows throughout the day. Adults love the selection of clothing, shoes, electronics, and furniture at The Grove, and kids enjoy the trolley that takes visitors from one end of the street to the other.

Pick up Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at the Farmers Market

The Grove sits on land that used to be part of the Original Farmers Market, which first opened in 1934. Today, the Original Farmers Market is smaller than it was in the 30s, but it still offers 100 food and product vendors to peruse, including fruit and vegetable sellers, gift shops, and a Starbucks coffee shop. The Original Farmers Market is open 7 days a week, unlike most farmers markets in Los Angeles that only open for one day during the week.

High-end shopping on Rodeo Drive is just a short bus, car, or taxi ride from The Grove and the Original Farmers Market.