Vinohradsky Pavilion

Located in the 100-year-old Vinohrady Market Hall, Vinohradsky Pavilion was the first mini-shopping center opened after the Velvet Revolution. It is home to popular brands such as La Perla, Sergio Tacchini, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Location and Architecture

There are only several shops at Vinohradsky Pavilion due to its remote location, but the mall is still worth visiting because of the fin de siecle architecture and art nouveau steel design. There is also a grocery store in the basement and an ATM machine close to the entrance.


Originally built as a factory in 1879, the building was converted into a marketplace also known as Vinohrady Market Hall in 1903. Unfortunately, the building was almost destroyed in a fire in 1986, but the authorities decided to restore the place and turn it into a department store. The plan was good, yet somehow it didn’t work out very well. In 2013, the building was remodeled by the owner of Stockist, Martin Leitged. Today, Vinohradsky Pavilion houses shops that sell designer furniture.

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