Vincom Mega Mall Times City

This gigantic underground mall blends Western shopping with Vietnamese products.

A Vietnamese Shopping Mall

Sometimes the most entertaining part of traveling is witnessing ordinary life in progress. The Night Market in Hanoi’s Old Quarter offers one perspective on Vietnamese shopping. The Vincom Mega Mall Times City offers quite another. Far from the tourist district, visitors won’t notice any haggling here. They probably won’t notice any other visitors, either.

Underground Purchases

Times City’s first notable quality is that it is entirely underground. Its second notable quality is that it is massive–it definitely earns the “mega” in its name. Its third notable quality is that many of its stores are owned by the same company, Vincom. Vietnamese shoppers buy groceries at the VinMart, and many live in the VinHomes apartment buildings outside the mall.

Visitors will find plenty of Western brands like Nine West and Calvin Klein alongside Vietnamese brands. Hungry? It’s just as easy to grab a bowl of pho as it is to grab Pizza Hut. The Vincom Mega Mall Times City provides a slice of Vietnamese life that most visitors don’t get to see.