Villa Borghese

The grounds of Cardinal Scipio Borghese's 17th century estate are popular with tourists and locals alike for an urban retreat.

A northern escape

As far as city parks and gardens go, this one takes the cake. Cardinal Scipione Borghese spared no expense in constructing his magnificent estate in the 17th century. Today, his gardens are beloved by locals and tourists alike. Get away from Rome’s busy traffic by climbing the Spanish Steps and entering this slice of Eden.

A breath of fresh air

Like most urban parks, the Villa Borghese is a popular site for exercise. Stretching over 80 hectares, you can manage whatever kind of work out you please here. Joggers are naturally fond of the gardens and wooded glades, or you can drop a few euro on a bike rental and pedal your way around the grounds.

Ample activity

Don’t be fooled by your serene surroundings. The Villa Borghese is bustling with its own kind of activity and several events take place in the park. You might stumble across a film event at the Casa del Cinema, near the entrance at Piazzale San Paolo del Brasile. And each May, the arena at Piazza di Siena hosts a major equestrian event.

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