Vietnamese Women’s Museum

This Hanoi museum celebrates the many contributions that women have made to Vietnamese history.

A Tribute to Women

Though gender inequality exists in Vietnam, women have made a big difference in the country’s history, farming and fighting right alongside the men. The Vietnamese Women’s Museum in central Hanoi acknowledges the sacrifices women have made in order to secure Vietnam’s independence. It also celebrates the everyday lives of the nation’s women.

Raising Families and Revolution

Many of the exhibits chronicle cultural customs involving Vietnamese women. One section explains the intricacies of the traditional marriage ceremony. Another shows the evolution of childbirth in the country. Visitors can see the farming implements that women use to till the land with their husbands, as well as different kitchen items that women might use to cook meals.

One of the most fascinating exhibits details the history of women during the Vietnam War. Dozens of female guerrilla fighters are pictured, displayed with the simple tools they used to defeat the enemy. Authentic women’s clothing worn by Vietnam’s many ethnic minorities fills another floor. The Women’s Museum is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, and visitors can purchase tickets on the website.