Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

This large museum houses many of Vietnam’s finest works of art--especially lacquer paintings.

The Evolution of Vietnamese Art

Compared to the art museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi’s Fine Arts Museum is gigantic. Located in what was once a girls’ boarding school, this museum displays art from Vietnam’s earliest history to the present day. Along with folk and political art, the museum also has an impressive collection of religious statues.

Lacquer Masterpieces

Lacquer painting is a famous art form in Vietnam. The elaborate process it takes to create one–forming eggshell outlines, varnishing and polishing, and applying several layers of colored lacquers–can last for months. The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is especially notable for its robust collection of lacquer paintings from different eras in the country’s history.

There are also many silk paintings, and a smaller collection of modern art. The museum is open daily, and tickets cost 30,000 dong per person. The famous Temple of Literature is right across the street.