Vida Parque

A quirky outdoor mall surrounded by green space.

A Park/Shopping Mall Hybrid

Is Vida Parque a park? Or is it a mall? It’s actually a cross between the two. Along with shops, restaurants, and other attractions, visitors will find green space and picnic tables. And with quirky features like an airplane sticking out from one of the buildings, Vida Parque aims to let visitors have a whole lot of fun.

One-Stop Shop for Living

With all that Vida Parque has to offer, it’s easy to spend the entire day there. People can get fit at the Hard Candy Luxury Gym, Club Ringo Boxing, or the Zenit Climbing Gym. People can cuddle with snakes and other jungle creatures at Selva Viva. And of course, people can enjoy the outdoors in the green spaces that surround the mall.

Then there’s the food. Visitors can grab Mexican fare at Ticket or a drink at Mosai Coffee. There are also several food trucks for those who want to spend their time outside. Vida Parque is definitely an unusual space, but its odd qualities only make it more delightful.

Stay at home!

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