Vessel – Coastal Cuisine

Enjoy many of the world’s best wines, some amazing craft beers and extraordinary coastal cuisine at Vessel.

Coastal Influences From the Local Region

Vessel, in Mid-City, is a new Orleans restaurant that sits inside what was once a Christian and a Redemption church. You won’t find any curses inside, though, just amazing food from Chef New Vella – a new guy in NOLA who graced the kitchens of Cibugnu, Noodle and Pie, and MiLA. Vessel is getting a lot of attention since its recent opening, as it offers coastal Mediterranean fare as part of a menu that has expanded vegetable offerings.

Fresh Food, Craft Beets, and Specialty Wines

Vessel’s offerings are diverse, highlighting dishes like risotto-style black-eyed peas and cast-iron okra. Diners enjoy grilled summer squash with basil and onion, and they delight in corn on the cob with truffle butter. Along with scrumptious food, Vessel serves up cocktails and beer bombers to make a night a festive occasion. Vessel is an outstanding place for enjoying fresh and seasonal ingredients, and some of the world’s best beers and wines, in a fun social setting.

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