Vernick Food & Drink

Dine on upscale American fare at this award-winning Philadelphia restaurant.

A Philadelphia Native

Chef Greg Vernick is the son of a Philadelphia butcher. His local culinary ties inspired him to open Vernick Food & Drink, which serves upscale American fare. Co-owned with his wife Julie, this family restaurant has won several awards–including being named #2 in Philadelphia by Zagat.

Roasted to Perfection

Vernick Food & Drink specializes in wood-fire oven-roasted dishes. Guests can try shellfish in a chowder broth with monkfish and pork sausage, or organic Amish chicken with lemon and herb jus. The menu is a bit more expensive than average, but the food is of such high quality that the prices make sense.

Vernick’s bar features eclectic cocktails like “The Brilliant Green”: gin, matcha, apricot, citrus, and bubbles. The restaurant’s decor is simple: plain tables, white walls. The focus is on the food itself, as it should be.