This vegan staple transforms fresh vegetables into unbelievable dishes.

Philadelphia’s Fine Vegan Food

Vedge is frequently touted as one of the nation’s best vegan restaurants. But it isn’t the crunchy hippie sort of place people might imagine. Instead, Vedge offers an elegant dining experience in a beautiful old mansion.

Emphasis on Veggies, Not Fake Meat

Vedge prides itself on transforming vegetables in amazing ways, rather than filling its menu with meat substitutes. In their kitchen, rutabaga becomes a fondue, with pretzels, pickles, and charred onions for dipping. They serve a smoked eggplant braciole fresh off the grill, along with sticky toffee pudding for dessert–among many other delicious dishes.

Visitors dine on classic wood tables next to windows with elaborate, old-fashioned paneling. And what’s more, the prices are not unreasonable. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can enjoy all that Vedge has to offer.