London, England

Vanilla Black

If you thought veggies could never be fun and glamorous, then a meal at Vanilla Black is where you will find enlightenment. Welcome to Vanilla Black where a refreshing ‘veg-is-chic’ revolution is underway.

Veg is chic

Vanilla Black surprises you with its imaginative cuisine. The menu is best described as modern vegetarian and indicates multi-cultural influences. If you’re looking for an Indian curry or a veggie bake, this is not the place for you. That said, the menu isn’t bland or boring either. There’s plenty of flavor, inventiveness and above all, a radical approach to non-meat dining that keeps diners coming back.

The staff is friendly and happy to assist with your ordering.

Meat-free dining

The menu reads like something from a fine-dining restaurant. Yes, it is pretty up-market in tone and substance yet it is refreshingly warm. Soya curd, fried mushrooms, sweet corn and tarragon sponge, fried porridge, tomato shortcake are just some of veggie surprises that await you.

Of course, customers will appreciate that they also offer a vegan menu and for those so inclined, a wheat-free menu.

We hear that it’s been recommended by Michelin but not starred, yet. Surely, that’s no reason to put off a visit to Vanilla Black.