Valley Forge National Historical Park

Lovers of the outdoors and history buffs alike can find inspiration at this famous site.

A Difficult War in a Beautiful Place

Valley Forge is most famous for its role in America’s war for Independence. Washington’s troops spent one harrowing winter camped there, and while no shots were fired, more than 2,000 soldiers died due to disease, starvation, and cold. Despite all the hardship, the troops emerged victorious–a testament to the American spirit.

A Historic Park

Today, Valley Forge offers more than 3,600 acres of lush greenery and trees. There are dozens of trails for runners and bikers to explore. And visitors can also see remnants of the Revolutionary War, such as Washington’s Headquarters and monuments like the Memorial Arch.

For those even more committed to the outdoors, the park has activities like horseback riding and fly fishing. And dogs are more than welcome to accompany their owners. Because it offers so much, Valley Forge is a great place to escape the city streets and enjoy the sunshine.

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