Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis

Enjoy Dutch pancakes in what is supposedly Europe's smallest restaurant.

Delicious Dutch Pancakes

Dutch pancakes aren’t the same as their American cousins. More like hearty crêpes, pannekoeken come in both sweet and savory varieties. And the Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis offers these delicious treats in an utterly unique atmosphere.

Quaint Dining

Guests enter the space by climbing a steep set of stairs in a house that dates back to 1539. At only four tables, the Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis claims to be the smallest restaurant in Europe. These tables rest beneath a ceiling decorated with more than a hundred colorful, hanging teapots and against walls plastered with pictures of the Dutch royal family throughout the ages.

The Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis sources its food locally, and its produce is organic. So whether you order the Sufian (bananas, cinnamon, sugar, and cream) or the Slavisch (bacon, cheese, and fruit), these pancakes are made with only the freshest ingredients. Every day the Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis serves its guests truly whimsical lunches and dinners–they’re not open for breakfast!

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