Upali Ordination Hall

Upali Ordination Hall, also known as ‘Uplai Thein’, is a 13th-century ordination hall built by four monks under the instruction of King Anawratha. Although the structure is ancient, the majority of the hall remains intact, and visitors are welcomed to both admire the exterior and explore the interior décor.

Construction and Design

The rectangular building boats Konbaung Dynasty interior frescoes, 17th-century roof battlements and sections of wooden architecture that will delight history buffs and culture vultures alike. Though the majority of the building remains in its original form, it’s interesting to note that parts of the exterior of the hall were modified under the later reign of King Bodawpaya.

Getting Here

The hall sits just a 30-minute walk north of Old Bagan’s Archaeological Museum. By car, it takes just ten minutes and by e-bike only 15. An alternative mode of transport is horse and carriage; you’ll notice a few stationed around town, and they’re a great way to make short journeys across the arid land.

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