Uoshin, Nogizaka

Uoshin belongs to a successful chain of izakaya that boasts a casual ambience and serves only the freshest of fish and seafood, often with a playful twist.

Seafood Izakaya

By far the most memorable izakaya, the Japanese version of a watering hole, in Tokyo, Uoshin is famed for its range of fresh seafood. The izakaya belongs to the Uoshin Group, a major player in the wholesale seafood trade.  Which also explains the huge variety of seafood on the menu and the freshness of the sashimi.

Seafood bonanza

The house speciality, Nokke Sushi, showcases why Uoshin is the go-to place for seafood. This popular dish is essentially a generous sushi roll topped copiously with minced tuna, salmon roe, fresh crab and uni (sea urchin). If you ask for a mixed sashimi plate, you end up with six to seven species on your table. There’s plenty of drinks on offer but the hero of the evening, is always the food.

It is Japan, after all, and seafood is the way to go.