San Francisco, USA

Uma Casa

San Francisco's only Portuguese restaurant has been racking up raves since opening. In a city known for seafood, this culinary niche is long overdue.

Chef Telmo Faria–of Tacolious fame–brings his own style to a menu rich in the flavors of Portugal.

Old Style, New Tricks

The Uma Casa menu is filled with the rich seafood of the Bay Area done up in classic Portuguese style. Yes, you will find linguica and salt cod, but also local caught sea bass, tuna, and sardines. Meat isn’t left out–there’s the perfect chicken with piri piri sauce and  carne de porco a alentejana, the ultra classic Portuguese pork dinner.

Homey and Bright

Shared plate offerings nod to the communal nature of Portuguese dining, and the small plate selection is a great way to snack your way through seasonings and flavors not typically seen in the city. The styling of the restaurant is open and classic. Blue and white tile walls, warm wood tables, and bright white trim keeps the atmosphere alive and lively.