Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator is where the equator, an imaginary line that bisects the earth into the north and the south runs across the nation of Uganda. This is a must-visit destination for its geographical significance as well as for the bragging rights you’ll earn with a trip here.

Center of the earth

The touristy spot where you can get cool photographs of yourself at the equator is located in Mpigi district in Kayabwe along the Kampala – Masaka highway only 72 kms. south of the capital city. It’s a truly unique feeling to be at the center of the earth. There are two markers on either side of the road where you can stand with your one foot on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere.

Oddities at the equator

There are many unusual geophysical peculiarities that you will get to experience at the equator. Look for a guide with a bright yellow contraption that says, “Did you know?” He’ll demonstrate a fantastic feature of water movement using a funnel, water and a little flower. There are several other interesting facts for you to discover at the equatorial line here at Uganda.

Shop and eat at 0° latitude  

The Uganda Equator is easily accessible and largely affordable in a private car or a taxi from the capital. You can stop by at your convenience here and browse through the traditional arts and crafts stores here. There are also small coffee shops and eateries where you can enjoy warm African hospitality.


Did you know that …

  • …  water flows clockwise down a funnel in the northern hemisphere while it flows anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. However, at the equator, water flows straight down?
  • … you are lighter by at least 0.5 % when you weigh yourself at the equator as the gravitational pull is a mite less here than anywhere else?