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Turkey Run State Park

Enjoy a hike through sandstone ravines and the fertile forests along Sugar Creek in Indiana. Take a strenuous hike through deep canyons or take a leisurely stroll in one of Indiana's most scenic parks: Turkey Run State Park.

Turkey Run State Park is a fantastic place for families and friends to try out their hiking skills. Within the park’s 2,382 acres are trees of sycamore, black walnut, and hemlock. An old quarry, covered bridge, and coal mine are points of interest along the trails. The Lusk Home, an 1841 settlers’ home, is accessible by trail too. Wildlife living in the park include deer, beaver, woodpecker, and turkey vultures.

Trail 3, a length of 3.5 miles, is one of the most exciting trails in the park, but it is very rugged.  To access the trail, hikers will need to cross a lengthy suspension bridge over Sugar Creek.  The thrill and danger intensifies when hikers have to navigate the slick, uneven  terrain of Rocky Hollow and Bear Hollow.  In fact, use extreme caution when utilizing any of the trails that pass through river streambeds.  You will be given a park map of the trails at the entrance gate.  It specifies the trails’ intensity levels and mileage as well as vivid descriptions to make you aware of unusual formations and steep, possibly impassable, canyons and ravines.  For example, those determined to conquer Trail 5 will have to descend or ascend 140 stairs, depending on the direction in which you encounter them.

Admission to the park is $7 for Indiana residents and $9 for those coming in a vehicle from out-of-state.  A less-expensive fee is charged for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Turkey Run State Park is open from 7 am to 11 pm; trails close at dusk.  Visitors may stay overnight at the park in a designated campground, cabin, or room at Turkey Run Inn.

Photos from Turkey Run State Park