Tsukiji Outer Market

The 200-square meter area is jammed with around 330 fish stores, greengrocers and restaurants. Shopkeepers are yelling to attract attention!

The Tsukiji Markethas two different areas, the Inner Market (Jonai Shijo) and the Outer Market (Jogai Shijo). The Inner Market is the wholesale section is where the fish auction takes place. Restaurants in the Tsukiji Outer Market tend to be small with limited seating with some exceptions, including Sushizanmai which is my favourite Tokyo restaurant. There are three floors and they open 24 hours a day, check out my review in the food section.

The inner market is strictly for wholesalers, although a small number of tourists are let in from 5am. Many people come here to shop for fish and a wide variety of produce such as vegetables, soup stock, seaweed, tea and rare delicacies.

YouTube video which highlights the action at Sushizanmai. My visit to Tokyo September 2015.

Review by David Herd –

Photos from Tsukiji Outer Market