San Francisco, USA


Trestle is a dining experience at an impressively affordable price. Their motto is "Welcome Home," and you will be treated warmly.

Down Home, Upscale

Trestle takes standard American fare and makes it shine. The focus is comfort food–if comfort food were invented by a chef with a knack of for great flavor profiles. A three-course meal–select one of two options for each course–is an impressively affordable $35. Add a pasta option for just $10.

Fresh Daily

The menu changes everyday and is posted on the restaurant website. A roast chicken might feature sausage stuffing–or truffles. A pan-roasted fish might be paired with seasonal vegetables with the right touch of herbs. And the desserts will be what you know, with a little something different–chocolate cake with red currants, perhaps, or a fruit pie with a black pepper cream. The extensive wine list from around the world also ranges from easy pricing to more high-end, giving a fair option for the foodie budget.