Tramonto Bar & Terrace

A trendy rooftop bar overlooking the glamorous Santiago skyline.

Come for a drink, stay for the view

Visitors will find the Tramonto Bar & Terrace at the top of Santiago’s Noi Hotel, right next to the rooftop pool. The bar treats patrons to a dramatic, bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyscrapers and the stunning Andes Mountains. With its gorgeous scenery, it’s unsurprising that Conde Nast named it a top hotel terrace.

Dine at great heights

The beautiful view is definitely Tramonto’s biggest draw, but visitors shouldn’t worry if they’re visiting in the winter. Thanks to a glass-enclosed seating space, patrons can enjoy the sights all year round. Take in the city lights and the snow-capped peaks while sampling Tramonto’s specialties like homemade pizzas and empanadas.

The second-biggest draw is Tramonto’s extensive cocktail menu. Signature drinks include the Cucumber Wasabi Martini and the Mojito Tramonto, which contains apple rum and raspberry pulp along with the usual ingredients. Visitors can enjoy these tasty drinks beneath the bright mountain sun or beneath the stars.

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