Train Street

Exactly what it sounds like--a train passes through an impossibly narrow street near Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

All Aboard

The traffic in Vietnamese cities is famously harrowing, motorbikes zooming perilously between cars. There is one street in Hanoi where traffic is not a problem: a small residential lane between Le Duan and Kham Thin near the Old Quarter. Why is this particular road so peaceful? The answer is that it’s not peaceful at all. A high speed train hurtles between the buildings twice a day.

Train Between Neighbors

Dominated by the tracks, the lane where the train runs is incredibly narrow. During most of the day, locals treat the tracks like they would any other street. Children play there, people bicycle over the wooden ties. But when they feel the rumbling of the engine, they jump back into their houses or press themselves flat against the walls of their homes.

This is one of Hanoi’s more dangerous attractions, as the trains will not slow down, even if someone is on the tracks. While the train street is a photographer’s dream, visitors should do as the locals do and get out of the way when the train comes. The trains are scheduled every day at 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm, and they come from the south.