London, England

Tower of London

The Tower of London on the banks of the River Thames is as historical as any place can get. It has served as a palace for royalty, a grim prison complete with dungeons and execution grounds, an armory and a treasury.

Over a Thousand Years Old

Its story began with the famed White Tower, a defensive fortress built by William the Conqueror in 1078. The Tower has stood witness when kings were crowned, queens imprisoned, priests tried and traitors executed – all in the name of law.

Museum of Royalty

Despite its dark history and some gloomy interiors, it is home to the world’s most spectacular collection of royal regalia called the Crown Jewels which includes crowns, scepters, swords and coronation robes. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the world’s most famous diamond, the Kohinoor.

You will also see the ravens, considered to be the guardians of the Tower as well as the legendary Yeoman Warders who were once the elite Royal Bodyguards.

Handy tip

  • While it certainly is a lot of fun to discover the Tower by yourself, do try to go on a full guided tour with the Yeoman Warders (or ‘Beefeaters’ as they are fondly called). They make the Tower come alive with their fascinating narrative.
  • There’s a great deal to see at the Tower of London; it’s best to set aside a up to a day to walk through England’s history.

Photos from Tower of London

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