Tour the National WWII Museum

Learn more about WW2, including D-Day and Holocaust events, at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Not all visitors who tour the national WWII Museum are history buffs. Sure, some head to this popular New Orleans museum to fill in missing pieces of puzzles they might be putting together in their minds, or for a research project. But, many tourists enjoy learning a bit more about a period in United States history that’s moving and that can provide perspective in today’s world. The National WWII Museum opened in 2000, on the 56th anniversary of D-Day. It features an impressive array of educational films and artifacts depicting experiences of the war, including D-Day, the Holocaust, and the war in the Pacific.

Hear Civilians’ and Soldiers’ Stories About WWII

Stephen Ambrose, consultant on the film Saving Private Ryan and a best-selling author, created the National WWII Museum. The museum offers physical and oral accounts of the war, from civilians’ and soldiers’ perspectives, and it’s a unique place to recount happenings throughout the early 1040’s including recantations from civilians and soldiers. The National WWII Museum  might be too heavy of an experience for children, so families should thoroughly research the attraction before bringing little ones. Tourists can visit the National WWII Museum on Magazine Street, in New Orleans’ Warehouse District, with veterans receiving free admission.

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